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Artistter Best Artwork Contest

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Art is where we make meaning beyond language. Art consists in the making of meaning through an intelligent agency, eliciting an aesthetic response. It’s a means of communication where the language is not sufficient to explain or describe its content. Art can render visible and known what was previously unspoken.


We have created a contest for all the artists out there!

‘Artistter Best ArtWork Contest If you love art, we would love to see your work, whether it is a painting, sketching, sculpture, graphic art, posters, coasters or anything else. It could be any art that you love or inspired by a role model or something else.


The contest will be starting from 1st June 2019 to 30th June 2019.

Results will be announced on 1st July 2019.


How to Submit Entry:


  1. After Joining the Contest, Submit your Entry by filling in the details for each step of the joining process completion for Contest.


  1. Share your entries as much as you can as the winners will be announced on the basis of maximum voting and likes.


  1. Make sure to tag Artistter in your shared posts, and use the hashtag #BestArtwork.


Media Type:  Photo Contest
Category:  Other
Contest Start & End Date 1 Jun 2019 19.30.0030 Jun 2019 19.30.00 (Asia/Calcutta)
Entry Submission Start & End Date 1 Jun 2019 20.00.0030 Jun 2019 17.30.00 (Asia/Calcutta)
Voting Start & End Date 1 Jun 2019 20.00.0030 Jun 2019 17.30.00 (Asia/Calcutta)
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