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Earth Day Video Contest

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Earth Day is a day for all of us! No matter where you stand on environmental issues, Earth is your home (unless perhaps you're reading this from Mars). Earth is home for all of us. This home is something we all have in common, and Earth Day is the perfect time to celebrate the awesomeness of this home!


Of course, being the creative community that we are, we’ve decided we should celebrate this World Earth Day in beautiful Artistter style. So for this we have created “EarthDayContestWithArtistter” for Best Video in which participants need to share their experience how they have celebrated Earth day this year with the best video they have captured at the time of celebration. All the Artists are most welcome to participate in this Writeup contest. We have a feeling this contest is one you’ll most definitely want to be a part of.


Contest will be starting from 26th April, 2019 to 26th May, 2019

Results will be announced on 28th May, 2019


How to Submit Entry:

1. After Joining the Contest, Submit your Entry by filling in the details for each step of the joining process completion for Contest.

2. Share your entries as much as you can as the winners will be announced on the basis of maximum voting and likes.

3. Make sure to tag Artistter in your shared posts, and use the hashtag #EarthDayContestWithArtistter.

Media Type:  Video Contest
Category:  Other
Tags:  #Video  #Contest  #Day  #Earth  #Special 
Contest Start & End Date 26 Apr 2019 18.00.0026 Mei 2019 18.00.00 (Asia/Calcutta)
Entry Submission Start & End Date 26 Apr 2019 18.30.0026 Mei 2019 17.30.00 (Asia/Calcutta)
Voting Start & End Date 26 Apr 2019 19.00.0026 Mei 2019 17.30.00 (Asia/Calcutta)
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