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Where Paradise Is


Where the air is so light that the birds have to walk

Where there’s nobody listening so there’s no need to talk

Where there’s nobody following you for miles around

You know that’s where I’ll be found


Where the water’s so blue, you think it’s the sky

Where there’s no backstabbing or baiting, no words of a lie

Where the streets and the minds of the people walk free

You know that’s where I’ll be


Where the scum of the earth don’t know where to find you

Where you can walk a leisurely pace and not keep looking behind you

Where there are no graffiti and blood stains there to remind you

Of what the world’s become


Where you don’t have to do as they say or do as they do

Where you can sit on the hills and just admire the view

Even where the sun gets so bright but not enough to blind you

Because most of all that’s where I’ll find you


Where Paradise Is

in Earth Day Writeup Contest

by Glen Cooper

on 20-05-2019 | Voting Start & End Date 26 Apr 2019 19.52.0026 Mei 2019 17.30.00 (Asia/Calcutta)

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Tags:  #Where  #Paradise  #Is