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Foy Mark
Foy Mark

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Earth is the only home we have,

the only mother we cannot run from

or abandon.

She sits us down,

shows us how we keep killing her,

wrenching air from her lungs

and tracking mud and fire

on her body.


When it all gets worse

and she punishes us with heat and hunger

for the crime of harming her

no one still listens

as we die

and wither away.


The signs are everywhere.

In the air,

on the ground

and in the water,

even in the population of man and animal,

that Mother Earth is asking for our help,

even if the pain is our fault.

Only we can save

the only home we have.

Save The Earth

in Earth Day Writeup Contest

by Foy Mark

on 22-05-2019 | Voting Start & End Date 26 Apr 2019 19.52.0026 Mei 2019 17.30.00 (Asia/Calcutta)

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Media Type: Writing Contest
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Tags:  #Nature  #Save  #dark  #Day  #Earth  #Tree  #Poem  #Poet  #Bleak  #Sad  #Mother