How to Resell a Listing?

To resell the listing follow these steps:

  1. In order to resell any listing it should be first purchased by you.
  2. Go to your own Store in which you want to resell the listing.
  3. Click on “Create Listing”, Select “Resale Artwork” Option.
  4. Enter the valid license key of the Certificate for the listing which you had purchased earlier and want to resell, then Click on “Check License Button.
  5. If the license key get checked successfully, Click onSubmit” Button.
  6. Then follow the procedure of filling the mandatory details for your resell listing  same as that you follow in listing creation form.
  7. Entered price for resell listing should not be less than the original listing price.
  8. After filling all the details, Click on “Create” Button.
  9. If it is a Digital/Virtual Product listing then Upload file for download by clicking on Upload File Button.
  10. Now your listing has been created to resell and you can see this listing by clicking on “View this Listing”Button under Listing Dashboard section.