How can I get started with Stores?

You can follow these steps to get started with Stores:

1. You can simply explore Marketplace by following this link:

2. This special featured page of Artistter allows you to create your Online Store, Insertion of listings into them which are categorized as : Product Listing, Service Listing, Digital Listing(Downloadable).

3. So lets start with the creation of stores. For this you have to click on 'Open a Store' Button.

4. After that select the Package for creating Store which can be Free or Price based.

5. Configure your Store by clicking on 'Open a New Store' button to showcase your offerings and connect to your customers by filling all the basic details in it such as Title, its Description, Location etc.

6. Great! The next step is to add other details to your Store such as Shipping method, Payment Account(either PayPal / PayUMoney), Contact Details etc. You can do it from Dashboard of the store.

Now its time to add Listings in that Store which you have created. For this click on 'Add New Listing' button at Store View Page and then Click on Submit Button.

8. Select the type of listing(Product, Service, Digital/Virtual) which you want to create. You can create the Listing by configuring various properties in 'Create New Listing' form like General Info, Artist Info, Listing Details, Price, Availability etc.

9. You can buy / sell any desired listing from the stores and showcase your creative Artwork professionally. Basically this section lists all the Stores and their Listings created by different users on Artsitter.

10. As a Buyer you can submit Custom Project also for any Listing to the Store Owner by clicking on Submit Project button if you want.

11. You are provide with the advanced Search filter almost at any page where you can find any store from which you want to purchase listing/listings.