How to complete order with Service Fulfillment Code(SFC)?

To complete order with Service Fulfillment Code(SFC), follow these steps:

  • Initiate an order and update order status: Once you receive an order, immediately update the order status by entering the expected delivery date under your order page. Find out the shipping & delivery timelines from your local shipping/postal/courier company.

  • Order Discussions:  Each order is powered with secure discussions between buyer and seller.

  • Complete the Order with SFC: Seller will require to complete the order to get paid from buyer.
  • When a Buyer place order for any service listing, then he will instantly get a Unique Code called SFC when he purchased the listing successfully.

  • The Seller will need to request Service Fulfillment Code (SFC) from buyer to complete the order.

  • So buyer has to go to order page, then click on order status, enter SFC and change the status of the order as completed.