What are ArtCoins and How can I earn them? How do I use my earned ArtCoins?

ArtCoins are simply the virtual points/coins which you will get as reward on performing various activities on the site. They can be easily earned by you while performing the below mentioned activities or any kind of other activities such as:

  1. When a user shares content and activity feeds.
  2. When a user likes another user's post.
  3. When a user comments on another user's post.
  4. When someone replied on a comment on album.
  5. When a user post, like, share, comment on a Photo/Video/Music.
  6. When a user comments on another user's album/Photo.
  7. When a user likes another user's album.
  8. When a user posts a message to another user's (object) profile on his birthday.
  9. When a user posts a new blog entry.
  10. When a user participates in a contest .
  11. When a user joins a network.
  12. When a user rates another user's album.
and many more....

These ArtCoins are very valuable as you can use them to do following things without spending any real currency from your account:

  1. You can achieve performance Badges.
  2. Upgrade existing Member Level to higher Member Levels.

     3. At checkout page you can use it while purchasing event Tickets.

      4. Also you can send these earned ArtCoins to your site members for their Active Contribution or to encourage them to be more active on your site.