What do you mean by Upgrade Membership? How can I upgrade it by using earned ArtCoins?

  • On Artistter site, you can upgrade your membership whenever you want based on the minimum required credit value needed to do so. You can upgrade it by paying the credit value which you have earned through ArtCoins by performing the various activities on Site such as Like, comment, share anyone’s feed, Content Creation, SignUps/Logins etc.

  • For the site users we have provided the membership plan as ‘Free’ by default but if they want to upgrade it, then can subscribe to Paid Memberships Plans as well depending upon the specifications and features you require. You can also upgrade your member level or switch to higher member level with ArtCoins as of your current member level. You cannot switch back to your previous member level even if you have required credits.

For doing so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Credits Page of your website.
     2. You will find upgrade Member level section at the right side of that page.

There certain Member levels are displayed such as default, Moderators, Premium, Enterprise etc. The limit for credit based on the member levels will be configured by the Admin.

    4. After choosing the desired member level, Click on “Upgrade Level” Button.

    5. The request for the membership upgrade will be send to the Admin and if ArtCoin value matches the Required credit value, then the request will get approved and the specific amount will get deducted from your collected ArtCoins.

   6. But if you don’t have sufficient value of ArtCoins then you will get the notification for the rejection of request with the reason of not having enough ArtCoins.