How to create Service Listing in a Store at Artistter?

With the help of Artistter you can create your own Store through which you can show your talent to the world. If you like to manage the things, organizing the parties, designing the services etc. then, you can help the people with your services and can provide the services to different parts of the world. You can create the listings for the Services through which who so ever needs your service can contact you easily and take the advantage of your service and also you will be monetized by your services. It can depend on the services provided by you that it will be provided online or at client’s place.

Some of the Services which can be provided by you are as follow:

  • Wedding Photography Services
  • Web Design Services
  • Custom Illustration
  • Video Animation Services
  • Graphics Design Services
  • Script / Web Copy Writing
  • Translation Services
  • DJ for Party
  • Comedian for Event
  • And Many More….

For creating the Service Listing, you have to configure the following details:

  • General Information - These are basic details which include the title, category, brand, keywords and skills of the service.
  • Listing Details - It includes the description, overview, photo and location of the services.
  • Price & Discounts - Here, you can choose the various options for the price taken from customer like per hour, fixed based and according add the amount for the service. You can add the discounts also if you want.
  • Inventory - Every service has some amount of minimum or maximum quantity, so according to your need you have to set these quantities and also the amount of stock you want to provide.
  • Availability - Here you can set the start and end date of the service added by you.
  • DAC Information - This is the Digital Authenticity Certificate, which is provided to the buyers as a proof.
  • Custom Order for specific client - It is used to make the service as private or not.

You can learn more about that how to create the listings for Services with the of this video: