How to Create Digital Listing in store at Artistter?

Today is an era of new things, new technologies and everyone believes in the same. In today’s world no one has a little bit of time to waste. Similarly, you can utilize your time and others time by creating or providing with the products that can be downloadable by the people very easily, can fulfill their needs and also helps you to show your talent to the world by sharing your ideas in the form of Virtual Products. In the Marketplace of Artistter, you can create the “Digital/Visual Product Listing” in the store created by you where you can create the products which can be downloaded and some of these products are:

  • Downloadable Photographs
  • Copy of Paintings for Download
  • Poems
  • Home Interior Design Ideas
  • Cooking Recipes
  • And Many More….

To create the Digital/Visual Product Listings, you have to fill the following details:

  • General Information - These informations are the basic information which includes title, category and brand for your listings.
  • Listing Details - This includes the details related to your listing like its description, overview, photo and the location for the listing.
  • Price & Discounts - These contains the price for your product and the information related to the discounts.
  • Inventory - Here you can add the minimum, maximum amount of quantities you are providing to your customers and the details related to the stock.
  • Availability - This is used to set the availability of the product, you can configure the start and end date of your products from here.
  • DAC Information - DAC stands for Digital Authenticity Certificate which is provided to the buyer after the delivery of product as a verification and for security purposes as  a proof.
  • Custom Order for specific client - This is used for making your product as a private listing or not.

When you will create the listings of the downloadable product then you have to upload a main or sample photo which you want to sell to your customers and also you have to add the title, write maximum downloads and upload a material you will be providing.

With the help of this video, you can understand the creation of  Digital/Visual Product Listing very easily.