What do you mean by Resale Artwork and How can I create it on my Store?

As we all know, Art never dies as it increases and sharped day by day. Sometimes it may happens when you think of selling the artwork purchased by you from some other store then, it can not be possible to sell that purchased product. But Artistter provides you with one of its amazing feature of “Resale Artwork” through which you can resale that artwork which you have purchased from the other store.And also change the details of product according to your needs.

You will get to know more clearly about the reselling of listing by clicking here.

In this listing, details of the original seller may change in the DAC-Digital Authenticity Certificate but the signatures present on it will be of original seller, in order to protect the artwork of the real person. In this way, Artistter works and appreciate the work of the Artists and also protect their artwork.

To know more about Resale Artwork, have a look over the video given below: