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How Artistter has become an asset for Artists to sell their Artwork?

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”

- Ken Robinson

Art is the worship for Artists & they always searching a Platform through which they can showcase their Artwork to the outside world. After all, presence is must nowadays to earn Name & Fame. The promotion of art is important to the growth of artists and their careers. If you want to be a successful Artist, you have to show up. You have to do the work. Artistter is taking the artwork of the proficient artists to the new era of "marketplace", where artists can create an account and sell their work directly to the buyer. It is the one stop solution for all the Designers, Artists, Musicians, Curators, Educators, Collectors, etc that allows them to showcase their Artwork online by simply doing the following steps:

Create an Account

Create your Account with simple Signup

Open a Store

Sell your Artwork to the outside world.

Create Listings in Stores

Upload & give pricing with other required details to your Artwork.

In fact selling with Artistter can be advantageous for Artists as well as Art lovers as this site already have an audience engagement and thus it would give them far more visibility & trust as compared to selling through other Platforms. Since, Artistter is the destination for all artistic needs & there are many reasons to sell an Artwork from your collection at Artistter, below we’ve tried to cover all the benefits for selling Art on Artistter:

  • Verified Seller Badge: There are numbers of online sellers nowadays in the market which are selling products online, but we always want to purchase something from the one on which we can trust and do purchasing fearlessly. With Artistter sellers can gain trust from Buyers for their original Artwork with the Verified Seller Badge which demonstrates that Art seller is a registered seller of Artistter and exists in reality.
  • Audience Trust: Artistter promotes the work of Artists, Galleries and Resellers, in many different ways, including online and social marketing. This platform practices its best to ensure that all the works of Artists are showcased to the growing online audience which will increase the level of trust and emphasis others to sell their Artwork also and hence build traffic and conversions for them.
  • Low Commission Rates: Commission Rates charged at Artistter from Art Sellers are extremely low & reasonable as compared to other online Art sites. As Artistter provides you the flexibility to choose a suitable package for your store, the commission rates are applicable as per the package chosen by you.
  • Custom Projects & Orders: With Artistter, Buyers are free to submit custom projects with their desired specifications for the Artwork which they like at Marketplace. They can request for the customizations in the original product. Submission of Project and getting the desired order is very reliable and trustworthy at Artistter.
  • Resale Listings: At Artistter, the exclusive factor which gives more visibility and access to Artwork at Artistter is that other sellers can resell the products (listings) at reasonable prices which they have brought either from other Stores on Artistter earlier or from outside.