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How To Open A Store On Artistter

As an Artist, you always want to have a platform where you can showcase your Artwork to the crowd and can also get monetized by selling it. Today is a new era, so everything become fast & trendy, so from this point of view an online store is what you need when you don’t have much time for selling. If you have an online store you can reach people all around the world quite easily. With Artistter, creating an online store to sell your Artwork is just like a cup of tea. Easy to create & manage stores will let you to sell your creative Artwork anytime as per your desire.

Opening a store with Artistter’s Quick & Easy to follow Steps:

  1. Choose your suitable Package.
  2. Give your store a title that you want.
  3. Write a Unique Store URL that you want to create.
  4. Tags, will help you to connect with more people and increase the visibility of your store.
  5. Mention who you are as a seller.(Artist, Business Gallery, Curator, Art Collector, Non-profit Organization, Hobbyist or Regular Seller).
  6. Describe the speciality of your store(like what your store is about painting, crafting etc).
  7. Upload your store logo.
  8. Add the location of your Store.
  9. At last click on “Open Store” Button.
  10. And you are ready to go.

To make your way more easier we have created a video for how to open a store on Artistter

It will help you with a live example. So what are you waiting for? Our buyers are waiting for you.

Create Your Store and Start Selling Today