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Top 4 Benefits to Artists for Joining Artistter

Artistter, the pioneering art entity in the industry; bringing together artists, collectors designers, galleries and resellers into a single powerful online platform. It is the only one stop solution for all the designers, artists, musicians which can serve all the purpose they require for showcasing their Artwork. With Artistter, Artists have the right to price their own Artwork and manage their stores and can upload as many Artwork (listings) as they want and can easily get monetized by selling Artwork directly from their Store. Commission Rates at Artistter site are very genuine which gives additional privilege to all the Artists for selling their Artwork at Artistter.

So below we have listed some of the benefits which Artists can get by joining & selling their Artwork at Artistter:

Empower the artists

Artistter empower artists to use this platform and processes to promote their art in the manner of their choice. With a personalized Login ID and Password, artists can upload as many Artworks as they want, and set the prices they choose for their art. They can even open their works of art up for the creation of their own gallery.

Promote the partners

It also promotes the work of Artists, Galleries and Resellers, in many different ways, including online and social marketing. It practices its best to ensure that all the works of Artists are showcased to the growing online audience, and build traffic and conversions for them.

Build careers

The promotion of art in this world is important to the growth of artists and their careers. Artistter, through its showcasing of emerging and mid-career artists, aims to build the careers of all artists we work with. It deals with many different entities in the art world, and try and connect artists with not just buyers, but also critics and writers to promote their art.

Aids in Reselling

There may be many reasons why you may wish to sell an artwork from your collection. You may have recently shifted to a new home or outgrown a piece of art. Maybe you simply don’t relate to it any more. You may even have a work of art that’s appreciated considerably over time, and you’d like to sell it now. Well, you’re in the right place. Artistter is the destination for you to resell your art.

Conclusion: So with Artistter, you can create as many listings in your store and can sell them by giving pricing of your choice. So have a look over the types of listings which you can create on Artistter:

Product Type Listings
  • Paintings
  • Handicrafts
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Custom Designed Clothing
  • Pottery
  • Sculpture
  • Metal Art
  • Glass Crafts
  • Mosaics
  • Ceramic Art
Service Type Listings
  • Wedding Photography Services
  • Web Design Services
  • Custom Illustration
  • Video Animation Services
  • Graphics Design Services
  • Script/Web Copy Writing
  • Translation Services
  • Dj for Party
  • Comedian for Event
  • Balloon Artist for Event
  • Dancers for the Event
  • Musician for any Event
  • Many more….
Digital/Virtual Products Listings
  • Downloadable Photographs
  • Copy of Paintings for Download
  • Poems
  • Home Interior Design Ideas
  • Cooking Recipes etc.