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How Artistter is helping Indian Artists?

Art, skill & creativity are the precious god-gifts in human. But the sad point is that they are not being appreciated & recognized as much as they should be.


These artists have excellent skills in them but they don’t have the oars to sail their boat. Artistter, a Social platform committed for creating a global fair trade platform featuring the wide framework of artworks helping Indian Artists to provide a medium to get an online marketplace where they can earn their living and get recognition which they deserve which they are lacking. Artists hereby get an easy way to create a Galleries & upload their masterworks which gives the unique & professional approach to artists to showcase their talent.


This can help the Artists to get the wider audience on global basis. With the help of Artistter they will not only be able to sell their artworks rather they will get an opportune to provide customised services to the customers/buyers on the hourly basis. Artistter is providing the niche community to the Artists that  embraces passionate artists to get the best chance of global success. Artists get the opportunity to connect & follow other Artists that helps to learn something new & unique. Also the new latest artworks will motivate other artists to innovate something creative & unique in their artworks.

Finding Difficulty to work & earn with Art ??

Due to lack of technical knowledge & advancement, if artists are not able to create galleries, projects, stores & upload the artworks to earn the living, Artistter Team supports these Artists to do all these work & take the responsibility to showcase your talent to the wider audience by creating their own Store on artistter and uploading art listings in the stores.


Complete assistance will be provided for Free for all the artists who are not confident enough to start and setup their own online store on .


If you have still not registered yourself on Artistter, then join now by clicking here or contact the Team Artistter to setup your account and store.